Husband of Narconon Graduate
Robert H.

My wife had a history of drug addiction and alcoholism. And she began to act strange and it was pretty obvious—I had, that she was into something. I actually confiscated some pills that she was getting.

And there was a period when she was drinking and she was showing up at the children’s functions drinking. When Mary Jane, my daughter, was an infant, I got a phone call from the state police asking me if I was the father of Mary Jane. Everybody was okay, but she had gone into a ditch. And that was a bad night.

It was just stuff like that all the time. It’s — there was no security whatsoever in our lives.

My wife’s sister Maggie is the one that brought up Narconon to me and she said to me, “Your children deserve a living mother.” And she — that’s what turned me to use Narconon.

The first Christmas after she got out of Narconon was one of the—it was a typical Christmas but it was just, it was just one of such a relief.

I have her back, I have — she looks so much better. You know, it’s just like I got the girl back that I married.

Making the decision to send her to Narconon was the best thing that I ever did, for our family and for my marriage and for my personal happiness.

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