The change is so different

I was in high school. I went to a private school my whole life. Very guarded and always kind of in a bubble. I found the wrong crowd and I needed to impress them, you know, peer pressure was my biggest thing. And the first thing, of course is smoking marijuana. “Oh, that’s not bad.” But it quickly escalated. Like, when I mean quickly, probably within a few months it went to cocaine and then it went straight to pills.

I lived in Orlando, Florida, which we called the pill capital because it’s so easy for us to get pills from there, from any doctor. They’re all over the place. Every corner there was a 30-minute clinic. So we would just hop in there, get a script [prescription], hop to the next one. You didn’t even need insurance. Nothing.

Go from a doctor to another doctor to another doctor and have all these pills and just come home and have a party. It just basically went from, you know, roxies to oxies. And then we slid into some Xanax and Valium and all those. And it was just a real bad mix. I would just black out and not remember anything.

A boyfriend of mine had passed away due to overdosing. That made me realize I needed to get my stuff together because I really should have been in a coffin next to that person.

My mom didn’t let it get that far. She sent me to Narconon Nevada when I was eighteen.

I went through withdrawal. The person that worked with me was really down to earth and she just would sit there and just listen to me. And that was the nicest thing, because I was so used to people just cutting me off, ignoring me or anything like that.

Sauna [New Life Detox] kind of brought it all together. I’m feeling better. I’m sleeping good. You know, I feel—I don’t have any more cravings, or anything. After sauna I didn’t think I could feel better because it was so great. I felt like an all-star, but it just kept getting better.

When I finished it, it was a huge smile on my face, walking around so proud. You know, I felt really good, inside and out. The change is so different. You know, there’s no tenseness between me and my mom anymore. She’s happy to have me back, the actual me.

Narconon has given me an opportunity to help in community service, to help other people, to be happy with myself, to have a husband, to have a future family. You know, it’s given me so many things I, I can’t even put it in words. One sentence is—I can’t do it in one sentence. I can’t do it.

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